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Sunday, 2 October 2016 | Comments: 0
She is earth, she is fire, she is air, she is water. Spending my 20th birthday in a few weeks from now in one of my favourite accessory brands MIMCO, while they celebrated their 20th this year too, in every right made this coming birthday even more special beyond words; There's a certain ease of effortless opulent beauty about MIMCO's pieces. Do not take age into factor because the limit does not exist - That's what drew me to this golden jewel in the first place, the idea that every piece stands its own ground, every piece is for everyone and every piece is a classic that won't be thrown away in a week. Taking my favourite pieces from MIMCO's Summer 2016 for a spin and planning the birthday uniform, here I present you my favourite pieces while walking you through the day to celebrate. All pieces available now just in time for Summer, continue for more.