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Monday, 13 June 2016 | Comments: 0
Decided to not keep this in its draft state before I go into intense study mode for the next week and a half, catching up on those weeks of missed lectures. Here I present Theatre of Fashion: Trelise Cooper S/S17 show held at Q Theatre. Otherworldly experience from last year's texan flared, all about those Venetian waves hung on girls of glory. Different cast to last year's with half of last year's killing the game overseas, Trelise bringing out top models of the generation.  Done to perfection, always. Thank you for another year of magic, Trelise.// Make-up by M.A.C Cosmetics led by Lochie Stonehouse, Hair by L'Oreal and lensed by your girl.


Saturday, 4 June 2016 | Comments: 2
Taking a sneak peek to the next level, here are some polaroids from backstage of Theatre of Fashion: Trelise Cooper S/S17. Having the occurring thought on where to use leftover polaroids films from Fashion Week, I've found the use. There's never a time where I don't want to use polaroids, but that old thing sitting at the back corner of your girl's room and that hefty price tag let you down of many precious content. Camouflaging with shadows, I've finally brought it back to life. // Libby, Bernie, Georgie, Asena, Seen, Lydia, Mary, Paris, Kizzie, Saskia, Zoe, and Anna take centre stage in Mikaye hair, continue for more. 


| Comments: 3
How and why I decided to display this furious handwriting that I call mine is beyond me; Always late on show coverages, here I finally present Theatre of Fashion [The Takeover]: COOP D'ETAT S/S17 by Kayla Jurlina, backed by Trelise Cooper. '90s Kate Moss classic hit with modern century youthful twists in a beautiful nightmare, making mouth speechless as they go. The first Theatre of Fashion standalone show for COOP, nailed it at that. Congratulations Kayla and Trelise. The above and below featuring my girls from this show, more of my girls coming in the next scheduled: Theatre of Fashion: Trelise Cooper S/S17 Polaroids, followed by Trelise Cooper and MID. // M.A.C Cometics led by Lochie Stonehouse and Kiekie Stanners, Hair by L'Oreal and shots by yours truly.