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Tuesday, 17 November 2015 | Comments: 1
In the most raw form a picture would allow, nature would allow, here I bring you the second instalment of the robe series; Sophie McLean. In attempts to imitate the ideal way of dressing for Summer, turned the title to be post steamy Summer hot showers and as much as I wished, mermaid. Uniform. The looks that you can wear time and time again and feel at home, so much so it felt like uniform without the compulsory. Featuring the 'all-you-need' for Summer key essentials, Maurie & Eve, Skycity Grand Hotel robe and Georgia Alice. Speaking of key essentials - used Sophie McLean for quite a while now, carried with professionalism and supermodel facets of skill at all times; not to be missed.


Friday, 6 November 2015 | Comments: 0
It's been a hot matter these days, from what seemed like a global overnight groundbreaking topic; Is it really though? or is it just a topic on the same level as florals for Spring? It's not groundbreaking that people get paid for posts, It's not groundbreaking that bigger media photoshops, It's not groundbreaking that people like to put the best part of themselves forward and to share their love for their multi-faceted passions, but is that a bad thing? Exhibit A is bad when you lose yourself and forget, as shown. Majority of us, Exhibit B, don't do half stated. Perfect for educational purposes, but social media is as real as it can get. Full outfit details below.