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Thursday, 24 September 2015 | Comments: 0
Dedicating such post when all focus and light is on myself, very daunting; Aged 3 and already wearing glasses in kindergarten, with the frowned upon mindset of the country that dressing up for yourself doesn't cut it on any terms took a while for me to break free of. Coming to the realisation that I can simply let go of that stigma, here's the outcome. Letting my creative juices run free from now here on out, here I bring you 'Self'. Identifying the fact you can act as if you're a boss in your own self and it shouldn't be a crime. Bringing out all but self absorbed; Self timed, self styled and self edited. Details at the very end.


Friday, 11 September 2015 | Comments: 1
A week of silence and breaking it feels ace, but throwing it back; Last outfit of New Zealand Fashion Week 2015 featuring few of the favourites. Silence explained with weeks of post Fashion Week flu still unrevived, don't come close. What can come close are the news. Big projects coming, a part of Unique Model Management and declaring the limitless love for Titanic Movie. Updates coming with time and for now, continue for all that you want.


Tuesday, 1 September 2015 | Comments: 0
Before you're expecting it, here's straight up for you. There is no 'NZFW 2015: Day 3' but outfit is another story, coming soon. Day 3, Thursday evening came at bad timing with Commercial Law test, so naturally you'd expect no camera that day. Only jetted off to Sean Kelly, Halfway RUBY and Zambesi with every regret of no camera. That's okay, here's to hoping Polas made up for it. Day 2 look is here as you would have seen on gram, @nicrific. Continue for the beats.