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Friday, 19 June 2015 | Comments: 2

Flat lays are a tough art to pull together but in this digital age, let's not complain. I've been asked, "Do you take photos from Google and place it on the canvas on Photoshop?", "How do you create that solid white background without screwing up?". Time equals productivity, don't waste it by binge watching episodes of Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead - dedicate some of that time to experiment. Thankfully those hadn't existed back at school; couldn't possibly understand your pain. Make any flat lay look good with your own aesthetic but don't force that aesthetic or else you'll drop that ball with inconsistency, there's a tip for you. By no means an expert, just trying my best at answering your Qs. Continue for some of my personal.


Thursday, 11 June 2015 | Comments: 1
MIMCO, one of my favourite labels for shoes, bags and accessories launches a competition in celebration of their 20th birthday. This competition is open to the public; a hint from to say that you can win a $2000 MIMCO voucher, have your bag designed, named after you and put on sale as part of their official 20th Birthday Capsule Collection. Also a hint to say that you've already beat your opponent, I'd enter if I could draw. Design your own bag, take a spin and get your friends to vote for you if you don't win first place, $1000 voucher if you win People's Choice; or win both? Entries close 21st June - run wild my child with your minds. More information below; some ideas on how you'd like to draw, or all on Not a sponsored post, just a lover of MIMCO.


Tuesday, 9 June 2015 | Comments: 3
It's always a blessing to attend a Trelise Cooper show; happened again last Thursday being transported to Japan, Spring/Sumumer seasons and to a garden party all in one night. Last year we had texan flared, this year we have the best of both, it just gets better every time; Trelise and Kayla nails it every time. I had a little debate whether to bother the TC girls last minute for a backstage pass or to leave it as is, the voice inside decided to ask for one and that voice was right. See if you can spot the beautiful girls from the polaroids above. Killer personalities and hilarious travel stories said at back, crew castings on point. COOP, Cooper and Trelise Cooper on show, thank you for the killer collections once again, Trelise, can't wait to toss money out for these garments. // Hair by Bettjemans for L'Oreal Pro, Make up by MAC Cosmetics, Girls from Clyne, Red11, Unique, RPD and 62


Tuesday, 2 June 2015 | Comments: 0
Could be Ray Charles'ing this, but no. Georgia Alice'ing this. I've been a fan of this talented lady, Georgia Alice Currie ever since her winning of the coveted DHL Express Fashion Export Scholarship 2014, being named the 'next Karen Walker'; couldn't agree more. Unique flares, cuts and silhouettes, Georgia Alice clearly shown all over each garment, no need to second guess who the designer is; one of the designers I'd toss money out for, just like that. Exactly what I did. GA skirts as strapless tops makes beaters to your sale punch 'slightly' okay. Doesn't make losing that leather jacket and the black signature GA strapless top to someone else okay though, but the hopeful mind hopes for another sale. Will happen again, right? Georgia on my mind, until then. Yours truly bringing you GA steals from the sale and other favourite things like being absorbed in Flash Culture.