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Wednesday, 15 April 2015 | Comments: 1
You know what sucks? When your computer tells you it's nearly full, for you to delete things and when I do, I regret it. To create a GIF of around 5 seconds of run time, you need about 12 photos. 12 PNG photos take up a lot of space and being the girl that I am, listening to my laptop, deleted those 12 photos and removed it from trash. The above image would of been cooler if it was moving wouldn't it? Coming out of my rant; these past few months? Hectic. Hectic but oddly satisfying and terrifying. It's an emotion that you can't describe until you experience it for yourself, and I'm sure you, who ever you are reading this, will experience in your lifetime. Possible new part time job that I'm very excited about, another new job that I'm very excited about, and more will follow. You will know more about these soon. I anticipated 2015 to be a great year, but never more than I had asked for. You'll never truly understand 'grateful' until you have a goal, go through ups and downs and you reach it. Another thing I'm grateful for? Pretty, sparkly accessories. Outfit details below. 


Sunday, 5 April 2015 | Comments: 0
I've been incredibly inspired lately, by the classic 90s Vogue editorials especially. The Kate Moss, Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford, the Versace Jeans Couture campaign era. By not being a fully conscious human being in the 90s (Born in 1996, so by 2000 that'd make me only 4 years old), this meant that I had to dive right into the archives of Vogue to get a glimpse of that time in history. Click here to access Vogue Archives. I've also been inspired by something completely unexpected. Time. The go-go mindset of a university Commerce student is unreal. On one hand, blogging is something I treasure and would do anything for, spending almost $4,000 for a semester is something I would do anything for too. It's a balancing thing I guess, we'll see how I hold up next year once I get a hang of juggling this and that. My point is, time and inspiration go hand in hand, if you're inspired and have a little bit of time on your hands, go right ahead and pursue it, you'll be wishing you'd done it when you're back in your usual routine. That's what I'm going to do I suppose. I love university and going to class, but styling, blogging and all that jazz is an art form to set me apart from all the numbers and theory. It's a good way to pass time so for me, editorials and more outfit posts here I come, and here it goes now. As always, styled, written and modelled by your not-so-model, yours truly. Outfit information below.


Thursday, 2 April 2015 | Comments: 0
What's more satisfying than successfully convincing yourself that you deserve to get something for yourself? In this case, it didn't take much convincing. A tough and busy half semester; now try telling yourself you deserve it. You know it's true, it wasn't that hard if you've had go-gos none stop for 2 months. So yes, if you have't noticed, I started university. December last year, I wrote a blog post ranting about how I didn't even know if I'd get admitted into university. Crazy how time flies? Let me update you on a few things about my life. 1. I got a new camera, as shown exampled here. 2. I'm studying business/commerce at the University of Auckland and 3. The blog isn't proportionally correct yet. Yes I've noticed. Mid-semester break commenced right now and even though I know at the back of my mind, it's the time to catch up on studies, lectures etc. Why not make the use of this time and do editorials, outfit posts and start this crazy journey of Nicrific 2.0. while balancing university. Swinging blogging and uni will take a while to grasp, but I think I'm getting a hang of it. "A Sunday well spent bring a week full of content", say that 'content' meant a pun, take it both ways. "A mid-semester break well spent brings months full of content". (Outfit details below)